Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Intallment from Texas Bank Loans

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Texas Financial Depository - Inset #39 FAQs for Disaster Victims This section provides current information on disaster relief and frequently asked questions. The Hurricane Katrina FAQs are now listed separately from the general FAQs, which are applicable to any disaster.

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0020-1 Section 80.13 of Chapter 80, Part IV, Title 7 of the Texas Administrative Code ("Rules") sets forth a complete listing of the books and Records each mortgage broker and Loan Officer is required to maintain for three Years (or such longer period(s) as may be required by applicable state and-or Federal laws and regulations). But, the particular format of records to be Maintained is not specified; nonetheless, the records must be complete, current, Legible, readily accessible, and in a format readily able to sort.

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